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May 19, 2008 by Bichur
What were the requirements to be auto upgraded from ODNT to Ultimate?
March 3, 2006 by Bichur
When did this happen?

Eh, doesn't matter....thanks for implementing it.


{down on left column of page}
July 22, 2005 by Bichur
This is also the 1st time a window popped up and told an updated version was available .
March 8, 2005 by Bichur
For quite a while now SpyBot S&D and AdAware have peacefully coexisted in my system. I'd get the old compatibility warning from SpyBot about AdAware whenever I ran it, but no problems. Until now.

I downloaded the newest definitions from AdAware, then had it check my system. This time, I had it do a deep scan (which I have been doing every so often) and it came up with 3 criticals. The name on all 3 was 180solutions and it said one item was a data miner and the other 2 (registr...
February 21, 2005 by Bichur
This wil be a rambling test of the Blog network. I really don't have anything to say, I was up late and a memory kicked in: I have a blog site, cool! I don't know if I will use it often or at all. I don't even know if the smiley I inserted will work here or not. Oh well. Maybe later I will find something worthy of projecting upon an audience. Maybe I'll just come up with some lame crap. Who knows? Once I check this to see how it looks posted, I'm going to bed.

Decided to e...
January 27, 2005 by Bichur